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International Economics, Monetary Economics, Macroeconomic Theory, Economic Development, Applied Macroeconomics.

Research Interests

Working Papers

  • "International Capital Flows, Liquidity Risk, and Monetary Policy" (with R. Reed). Under Revision.
  • "Capital Flows to Developing Countries: Implications for Monetary Policy Across the Globe" (with R. Reed). Under Review.
  • "Banking Concentration and Financial Openness" (with E. Ghossoub and R. Reed). Under Review.
  • "Structural Sources of Oil Market Volatility and Correlation Dynamics" (with X. Liu and S. Stewart). Under Review.
  • "Are Exchange Rates Absorbers of Global Oil Shocks? A Generalized Structural Analysis" (with X. Liu and S. Stewart). Under Review.
  • "Do Consumer Price Indices in Oil-Producing Economies Respond Differently to Oil Market Shocks? Evidence from Canada" (with A. Segelhorst). Under Review.
  • "Gross Capital Inflows, the U.S. Economy, and the Response of the Federal Reserve" (with R. Reed). Under Review.
  • "Capital Controls, Banking Competition, and Monetary Policy" (with E. Ghossoub and R. Reed). Under Review.

Work in Progress

  • Which Policy Tool is Most Effective in the Face of Uphill Capital Flows?
  • The Size Distribution of the Banking Sector and the Effects of Monetary Policy in an Open Economy.
  • The Current Account Balance and GDP Growth in Developing Countries (with S. Stewart).
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